Rule The Sea

Rule The Sea

The most innovative mechanically-attached fittings for the marine world.

Let’s face it. With tighter deadlines, bigger budget constraints, and a rising tide of labor scarcity, traditional welding methods have gotten in the way of timely ship building and repair. Finally, there’s a faster, safer, simpler alternative that brings more certainty and success to the industry. Introducing MegaPress® CuNi, a new press fitting system designed for copper nickel application aboard ships. It’s a sea of change for the marine world. Those who harness it will be those who rule with confidence.

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Off with the welding mask.
On with success.

This press fitting system doesn’t require welding, which means there’s no need for a fire watch, other trades can work around the on-ship repairs, and there’s no downtime at sea. Even if there’s a previously welded system in place you can make repairs or replace with MegaPress CuNi.

Summon safer, speedier installations.

Make secure press connections in seconds, reducing installation time by up to 90% compared to welding. As a result, operations can lower labor costs, save their bottom lines and finish within tight time constraints.

Banish the hassle. Welcome the efficiency.

MegaPress CuNi simplifies the process for copper nickel installation and repair. It takes one tool with one sealing element. Connects wet or dry. And it works with off-the-shelf pipe.

Reign with reliability. Own the ocean blue.

MegaPress CuNi has low biofouling properties and excellent resistance to seawater corrosion. And it comes with Smart Connect technology to help ensure consistent connections every time.

Quality on your side. Power at your fingertips.

Viega has been innovating pipe technology since 1899, so it’s a name you can trust. And with five U.S. manufacturing and distribution facilities, product delivery is reliable and fast.

Save installation time. And costs by the boatload.

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